almost impossible

A circus story is developed between two characters , where one tries to outdo the other, creating a breathtaking experience for the public with the intensity of their movements and the absurd logic of their dialogues.

Lots of suspense and action in a performance that impresses by the ability of these two fools, who defy the laws of nature and common sense, by escaping humorously from the pitfalls and frustrations that arise during the story.

Juggling with up to ten objects in the air, riding unusual bikes, doing hair-raising stunts, playing funny games with volunteers from the public and executing a grand finale with fire are some of the items that carry out seemingly without effort....

Wonder Drink

Ever wanted to be STRONGER, FASTER and SMARTER?

Well, your answer is WONDER DRINK!

Highly original and innovative, Mantega invites the audience to a wordless journey where tons of laughs and gasps of amazement are guaranteed.

In a show that makes the perfect blend between theater and high level circus skills you will see Mantega juggle and manipulate unusual objects such as glasses, ice cubes and liquids and be amazed by an impossible grand finale...

The PikaPau

PIKAPAU is an expert on balancing, but he is also a wine lover and this does not sound like a good combination .

This eccentric character always submerges in his imaginary world transforming ordinary objects and everyday situations in special and challenging times,something simple becomes amazing!

With visual theater he creates all the situation and plays with the audience , the show is a unique and funny performance with a high level of technical skill  that brings you into a magic world full off surprises that you will never forget.

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