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  • First prize in "Comedy and Arts Pinneberg 2012".

  • Second Prize in "Gütersloher Strassenfifi 2012"

the brothers

More than circus, it's a way of life.

the company

Picapau and Mantega met each other and quickly became friends in Brazil (where they were born). At a time when they both were young (not that they are old now), to the disgrace of their families, they knew that neither one would ever lead a normal life again and that both would rarely be seen without the other.

From the very beginning, they started to create new ways to awaken people, using some ancient martial arts that they learned from the karteks, aztecs, hipotecs and discotheques! Always doing anything that was possible or impossible to make people laugh.

Later on, juggling became a part of their life’s and an integral part of their performances, proving that even gravity wasn't a challenge for these guys! After that everything progressed naturally and so, without really being aware of it, they had already put together a tentative show which with the years and some more changes (and changes, and changes) grew to be the great.

After that, they started to travel around the world and learned different circus techniques that combined with visual comedy, helped then creating new shows for different venues like festivals, resorts, varietes, cruise ships, asylums, funerals, bachelor parties...

They have already been seen by more than one million people spread over four continents... but mom still the biggest fan.