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This shows was created especially for Resords, Hotels and Cruise ships.


Ever wanted to be STRONGER, FASTER and SMARTER?

Well, your answer is WONDER DRINK!




Mantega Wonder Drink Show in Bergamo - Italy


The PikaPau show

Picapau and Mantega met each other and quickly became friends in Brazil (where they were born). At a time when they both were young (not that they are old now), to the disgrace of their families, they knew that neither one would ever lead a normal life again and that both would rarely be seen without the other.


Sunset circus

Almost imposible


More than circus, it's a way of life.

A circus story is developed between two characters , where one tries to outdo the other, creating a breathtaking experience for the public with the intensity ...

wonder drink

More than circus, it's a way of life.

Domingo de circo segunda edição,The PikaPau Show in Santa Maria-Cabo Verde.

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Circus Lifestyle

 PikaPau was trying to organize his things to travel but his mind always submerges in his imaginary world transformed ordinary objects and everyday situations in special and challenging times...

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Mantega Wonder Drink Show in Wiener Neustadt - Austria.